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Freya van Reykjavik I

My Icelandic Dog

Once you know them, you can't live without them!

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Ok, here's my first story about my "Freia"

Since 7/8 years I’m the owner of the wonderful Icelandic Dog “Freia”.

I got her out of a refuge-home for animals,
where she had been for half a year.
She was really terrible neurotic at that time..
I did everything “you should do with a Mastiffpup” with Freia,
hoping that it would help and it did
(you know going to noisy markets, even to a lunapark)
After quite a while she trusted me completely, of course it was a gamble,
it could have hurt her even more. At that time I had also a very old noisy van,
in which we drove many times to Spain and in the beginning she really hated it!

Freia and little Fokko in Spain

Also she couldn’t be alone in the house so I had to take her with me
all the time wether she liked it or not.

In the beginning we had also another problem,
she was used to chase cat’s …
and I had about 10 pussycat's!!!
So the woman from the refuge-home told me to try it for two weeks with Freia
and if there where too big problems I could bring her back..
Well normally that’s not my style, my believe is:
once you choose an animal then it’s for live
But I said to myself ok Astrid give it a try
and keep a distance in your heart the first week and so I did.
Well very soon she understood that I loved my cat’s too much to chase them and she stopped, outside when she was to far away from me she still tried it, but nowadays we can manage together very well

..She knows..
..and she knows so much..
...Even when I drive too fast...
I get a scratch on my arm from her
if she want to tell me: PLease drive more slowly!

"She can't help it" Freia's thinking..

Once I was sick lying in my bed and shouting and crying,
then she came to me and lay down over my throat if she wanted to make me calm
She’s so special!!

Today, she is the best friend you can think of,
she can be alone(well together with her friend Fokko-Jan)
and I don’t tease her too much with taking her with me to my performances.
She loves to watch television with me
and lay next to me on her chair in my office.

If she wants me to smoke sigars too, I do it!


Interesting links about the Icelandic Dog

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Miniserie 2004, Gerard Gerritsen/Astrid Wevers
Vakantie in Londen, Bouwe van Norden/Astrid Wevers
Pieterburen(water)overlast 2005, Gerard Gerritsen

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